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4 Steps to Creating a Beautiful Master Bedroom

06.10.20 - Design and Style

A master suite is a space for parents to retreat to after a big day so it's essential to create a calming and inviting atmosphere to relax and unwind. No matter the size or your style, there are ways you can make your master bedroom the perfect space. Here, we break it down in four easy steps to take your space from average to luxury! 

Step 1: When it comes to texture, more is more! 

What's better than sinking into a lush, cosy bed after a big day? Create the ultimate comfort by adding lots of textures and layering up your bed by using blankets, throws and cushions. Opt for different materials and don't be afraid to mix and match different textures such as linen, fur and thick wool blankets. When it comes to cushions, it's completely up to you but aim to have at least four standard pillows with four decorative cushions in various shapes. 

Above: The Seattle 26 at Covella, Greenbank

Step 2: Add a bench seat

Adding a bench seat to the foot of your bed not only finishes the look of your space but also creates another spot to relax, unwind or simply just use as additional storage. Start with the size of your bed and make sure it's the right length - too long and it can become a hazard or if it's too short, it will make the room look small. 

Above: The Barcelona 30 at Harmony, Palmview

Step 3: Lighting is key! 

Create the right ambience by incorporating task lighting to your space. After a big day, you'll want to wind down and there is nothing worse than harsh, bright lights in a space you want to relax in, so instead try using beautiful lamps, wall light lights or pendants. There are many options to choose from and whether you love modern, sleek designs or more traditional pieces, there will be one to suit your space. 

Above: The Portland 30 at Covella, Greenbank

Step 4: Tie it all together with art

Choose artwork that you love and that has personal meaning. Artwork can evoke a certain mood and by incorporating beautiful art into your space, you'll find it so much more comforting. Whether it's wallpaper with a bold print, a less dramatic piece on canvas or a gallery wall with photos of your family, you can use it to add colour to the space and to tie your whole look together.

Above: The Malibu 27 at Harmony, Palmview

A master bedroom is a sanctuary for home owners and it is easy to create a peaceful retreat that you'll want to come home to. We have a range of beautiful display homes each with stunning master bedrooms for you to admire and take inspiration from. View our display homes here or visit our website to view our home designs

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