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Do You Need A Home Office?

17.08.21 - Design and Style

When building a home, it’s essential to think about the whole home’s lifespan. If you don’t need a home office now, will you need one in the future? We’ve broken down the essential questions to ask yourself when deciding if you want a home office.

Is this your forever home?

When considering any layout for your home, the first thing you should think about is whether it’s going to be your forever home or not. If it’s going to be your forever home, deck it out with storage and things you know you’ll need in your home office to suit you and your family's needs. If it’s going to act as an investment, design it in a way that it can be repurposed into a bedroom for resale. 

Will you be embracing work life balance?

If you have the option of working from home, a home office could be exactly what you need! Creating a work life balance where you can spend more time with family whilst being able to concentrate on your work or study, is the perfect in-between. Your home office could act as the safe haven between concentration and chaos.

In light of the current way we’re living, people are working from home more permanently. Having the option to continue work as normal from home is a luxury most are looking for both in-home and during resale. 

Do you own your own business?

Having a home office when you own your own business could be the key to you keeping everything organised. Whilst building with Domaine, you can add in electrical upgrades that can include extra powerpoints and lighting so you can utilise every wall in your new office. On top of that, your office might need to be big enough to have clients in for meetings, so you can visit one of our display homes to test the spaces out. 

Are there a lot of distractions at home?

In a busy house with a partner, pets, children and possibly taking care of loved ones, it can become very noisy, very quickly! The living room or kitchen island bench gets quickly outgrown and suddenly you’re getting distracted every 5 minutes. Picking a room of the house that’s the furthest away from distractions is optimal for an exclusive home office space. 

Will multiple people use it?

You don’t have to own your own business to need a home office. It’s as simple as having a versatile office space for your QCE student, a classroom for your home-schooled child, or even a mature age student.

Having a space that suits multiple family members work or study-life could help to give you fresh ideas, right in your very own home! 

Multiple outlets could allow for more than one study space in the same room if needed. Set up your desk on the opposing wall to your study pal and let the productivity flow. Doors allow for prime concentration and setting up your office away from the living room means you’re distraction free!

Could you repurpose the extra space?

Your home office doesn’t have to permanently be a home office. It can be repurposed into a kids playroom, an extra bedroom, a care room for older family members or a nursery for new ones. Focus on the office now, and worry about the repurpose later.

So you’ve decided you need a home office, what’s next?

First, take a look through our other blog post ‘Find Out Why You Should Build With Domaine Homes’ to make sure we’re the right builder for you. Then take a look through our floor plans using our ‘Price your Home’ tool to find the perfect home design, after that you’re all ready to chat to a consultant! Your dream home office is right around the corner.

Check out some of our favourite Domaine Homes floor plans with home offices, including our Malibu 27 and Brooklyn 34 or visit your nearest display centre to chat to one of our friendly consultants about how you can make your dream home a reality. 


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