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What Is A Preferred Estate?

09.09.21 - Getting Started

If you can’t decide where to build your new home, have a look at our preferred estates in Queensland. Not only do we personally recommend them, but they have exciting promotional offers in place too.

What are estates?

Estates are large areas of vacant blocks that are available for purchase to build residential or commercial buildings on. They’re usually on the outer corner of a suburb to allow for recreational inclusions such as train stations, parks, shopping centres and public pools. 

When building in a new estate you build through a contracted builder, such as Domaine Homes, as opposed to purchasing a pre-established home.

What are preferred estates? 

Preferred estates are ones that we have networked  a good relationship with the developer for that estate. This means we personally recommend the area and allows us to create promotions for selected estates such as fixing the price on site-costs, because we know that the site costs will not move much past the promotional offer. 

Preferred estates in Queensland

If you’re wondering where the closest preferred estate to you is, it’s best to speak to a consultant for more information. However, Domaine Homes currently offers promotions for estates in the following suburbs:

  • Sunshine Coast

  • Brisbane North

  • Brisbane South

  • Brisbane West

  • Brisbane East

  • Logan 

  • Gold Coast

Preferred estates inclusions

Promotional offers for the preferred estates do change from time to time, but Domaine Homes currently offers these inclusions to help get you started on building your new home.

  • Up to 500mm of fall over the building platform

  • Underground power, water, stormwater and sewerage connection to 800m2 lot width max 6.0Lm allowance

  • Slab upgrade

  • Piering

  • Upgrade to suit N3 wind rating

  • Rock removal

  • Red soil costs

  • Marine upgrade

  • Up to 4 yard gullies as required for your site

  • Spoil removal from drainage trenches

Preferred estates exclusions

The promotional offers do exclude the following but only if they’re required for your block, which generally is not very often. 

  • Built to boundary homes, piering if required

  • Acoustic and bushfire requirements

  • Council fees for your chosen build location

  • Piering for existing retaining walls

  • Material handling as required for your site

If you’re looking for more information on how you can get started in a preferred estate, visit one of our display homes and chat to a friendly consultant. In the meantime, have a look through some of our home designs.

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